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Prime portable gate is the latest personal gate made by Prostart. Metallic part is exactly the same than the original portable gate, the only difference is on electronics. It’s today the most affordable gate in the market and includes all the key features of a practice gate.

If you are looking for a single practice gate at home, this model is the perfect choice and to include all the confort, don’t hesitate to take the wheeled bag in option.

  • Gate is composed of Aluminum at 100% that permits it to be both lighter and stiff. With a thickness of 7mm, the door has been designed to resist from 6 years old kids to professional Elite riders.
  • Folding gate in order to stock and transport it with the most facility ever.
  • The gate is lying on rubber pads which allow it to be stable and not slippy on any ground surface.
  • NEW – We move the magnet part to the left side in order to improve the user experience.
  • Possibility to change the timing to improve skills on starting gesture and permits you to adapt yourself easily on any tracks.
  • Waiting time between button pressed and beginning of the voice cadence is adjustable. (Default 3 seconds but possibility to set 5 seconds)
  • Speaker directly located inside the gate, the perfect sound diffusion. The volume is adjustable.
  • Separated 4-lamp LED light
  • Timing plug to connect all the Prostart timing systems.
  • Available plug to connect an extra portable gate for making a 2-rider gate (Or with the Gate Hub to make a 3-4 riders gate)
  • Portable gate in aluminum with its electromagnet and its sidebar for the door.
  • 12Vdc control box located inside the gate with Medium Power Speaker integrated.
  • 4-lamp LED light external with 6 meters cable distance
  • Connections (12Vdc power supply, cigare-lighter plug, cigare-lighter extension)
  • Robust box for the shipping (NO BAG INCLUDED IN THIS PACK)

Additional information

Weight 12,5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 20 cm


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