We are able to build the gate adapted to your needs. Our 4-rider gate has been made to meet the demands of 4X discipline and we decided to call our 8-rider straight gate “Olympic edition” because its fits perfectly on the 8 meters start hill.


We have decided to propose our straight gates only with a structure for an easier installation. The ground of the gate can be in concrete, plywood or metallic tubes, giving a lot of possibilities in the design of the start hill.


The Prostart pneumatic gates are the most reliable BMX pneumatic gates in the market of starting systems. With over ten years of experience, we deliver the gates you’ll always trust. Every details has been worked to create the gate loved both by riders, track operators and club members.

The electrical board for pneumatic is very compact and works exclusively in 24 volts. Two great assets for the security of users and flexibility on the installation.

A single press of the shutter button powers on the E-BOX then starts the complete system. Simply the easiest setup in the world.

With an accuracy of 0.1mm, the motion of a gate has never been so accurate. We can adjust the timing and speed as want as we can. Not depending on air pressure, temperature and humidity… our gates will always drop in a consistent manner.

Your track is located in a green park ?   There is housing ot infrastructure closed to the track looking for more calm ? Now use a 100% electric gate and you’ll never receive complains anymore.

With a reduction of the energy consumption by 5 compared to a normal gate, this solution finds all its benefit on the energy invoice every year. That is good for the planet is also good for your wallet!

Few more information about the 100% electric range

  • All the 100% electric straight gates (2-rider, 4-rider, 8-rider) work through a main power source of 220vac single-phased. For countries using 110vac (USA, Canada, Colombia, Japan), we use an auto-transformator generating a 220Vac.
  • The two cables of the electric solution (One cable for the power and one for the encoder) have a standard length of 10 meters. We can’t extend them because they are specific and are prepared by our supplier. If you need longer cables, we need to know that information in order to answer you with a quote adapted to your project.


No shock absorber (hydraulic dumper) is used on any Prostart gates. The pneumatic and electric cylinders absorb all the energy made during the drop of the gate. We have designed our gates to not use any wearing part in order to get the best lifespan than all users are looking for. A Prostart gate will work exactly the same  during more than ten years in respecting a small weekly maintenance.

Simply  the best grip ever for cycling tires. Bike wheels can be located anywhere on its grate thanks to the sawtooth double notched meshes. Furthermore  this surface is robust and durable during a lot of years due to the utilization of hot dip galvanized grates.

An absolute respect for UCI regulation, an automatic mode to use the gate without starter and enhance training sessions, two programs to improve training sessions, easy to change timing to learn everything about gate skills. That is the power of the Prostart brainbox.

We designed several extra products to improve the utilisation of Prostart gates such as wireless remotes, training timing systems and high digit display for competition.


We designed a metal case composed of the most problematic parts which can put in stop a Prostart gate. Even if we are really confident about the gate quality and its great lifespan, we can’t assure there will never be a problem. And if the problem appears exactly when you’re organizing an important event ?

This first-aid case allows you to fix most of problems in a now-time.  So for this reason, we always recommend to have this accessory with you just in case…


Before working in Prostart company, the boss saw his mum as a track president for ten years. It was not easy every day and most of facility projects start from money.

Even if we really recommend to project leaders to order a complete safety gate installed by ourself ( = The insurance to have in no-time a great working gate ready to run for a very long time), we completely understand that it can be over-budget for some associations.

We design a complete starting system composed of pneumatic & electric components only. Make your own straight “no safety” gate and simply use all the rest of parts from Prostart.

To get more information about this DIY starting system, click HERE.

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