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Prostart Portable Gate Comparison Table

Why do we sell EXTRA Portable Gates ? (Original & Max)

Because those gate models can be hooked up to complete Portable Gates and fully synchronized! It gives the opportunity to train on a virtual 2-rider gate or even more if you want to connect up to a 4-rider gate. (Need to purchase separatly our gate hub and larger power supply)

We prefer having 2 individual gates than 1 solid 2-rider straight gate because of the budget, the portability and also the capacity to not have the gates perfectly aligned (the best when you have two riders with different levels : the best one will train on the gate behind to still improve and learn to pass)

EXTRA INFORMATION (Common on all the models)


  • Starting gate in conformity with UCI BMX RACING regulation
  • Sturdy gate addressed both to young children & pro riders
  • NO back stop needed with the rubber pads
  • Sidebar in Stainless (New in 2023)
  • Premium voicebox operating in 12vdc only
  • Connexions included (110/220v power supply & cigarette lighter plug)
  • Adjustable gate drop time – 4 options (With Green official UCI timing)
  • Timing socket compatible with PROTRAINING range
  • Volume adjustment available – Speaker under the gate – 96dB
  • Adjustable waiting time before voice cadence (Default 3s or 5s or 10s)
  • Inbuild free plug to connect an extra portable gate