The Original Portable gate

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The Original portable gate is THE reference in bmx individual starting system. Designed in 2009, the gate received a lot of improvements to now become an indispensable tool for any riders looking to get better gate outputs and accelerate faster & stonger. Several professional BMX riders are using them regulary such as Joris Daudet multiple world champion, Brooke Crain and a lot of Pro Riders.

  • Gate is composed of Aluminum at 100% that permits it to be both lighter and stiff. With a thickness of 7mm, the door has been designed to resist from 6 years old kids to professional Elite riders.
  • Folding gate in order to stock and transport it with the most facility ever.
  • The gate is lying on rubber pads which allow it to be stable and not slippy on any ground surface.
  • NEW – We now upgrade the quality of the sidebar. We are using stainless metal (much stiffer)
  • NEW – We move the magnet part to the left side in order to improve the user experience.
  • Possibility to change the timing to improve skills on starting gesture and permits you to adapt yourself easily on any tracks.
  • Possibility to change the waiting time between button pressed and beginning of the voice cadence. (Default time : 3 seconds) up to 10 seconds
  • Gate delivered with a robust cardbox for a safe transportation
  • OPTION to get a Wheeled Bag in order to put safely all the parts and carry easily the gate
  • Speaker located directly under the rider for a perfect sound diffusion. The volume is adjustable. Max 96dB.
  • Separated 4-lamp LED light
  • Timing plug to connect all the Prostart timing systems.
  • Supplementary plug available to connect an extra portable gate. (In option Gate plug to create a 3/4-rider gate)
  • Portable gate in aluminum with its electromagnet and its sidebar for the door. (New in 2023, a stainless sidebar)
  • 12Vdc Starting system MiniBOX with adjustable speaker up to 96dB
  • 4-lamp LED light MiniLIGHT
  • Connections (12Vdc power supply, cigare-lighter plug, cigare-lighter extension, M12 cable extension of 2m/6.5ft)
  • Robust box for the shipping
  • Wheeled bag to take in option only (+ 60 EUROS)

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 82 × 42 × 22 cm
Wheeled Bag OPTION - To select HERE



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