You don’t have the budget to order a complete portable gate ? We maybe have the solution for you. Take care of all the metallic part and we take care of all the system (magnet + Random voicebox & light)

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Composed all the electrical parts to run a bmx gate, this is a great solution when you don’t have the budget to purchase a complete portable gate or simply because you already have an homemade gate and you want to upgrade it with reliable components in compliance with UCI regulation.

  • Possibility to change the timing to improve skills on starting gesture and permits you to adapt yourself easily on any tracks.
  • Waiting time between button pressed and beginning of the voice cadence is fixed at 3 seconds, the perfect delay to learn a quick preparation.
  • Speaker located in the race light.
  • Timing plug to connect all the Prostart timing systems.
  • Extra gate connectivity in option with the Gate Hub (3-rider gate maximum)
  • 1x PrimeBOX. An all-in-one unit including brainbox, speaker and 4-lamp light.
  • 1x Magnetkit. It includes the magnet in its alumunium stand, a foot button and cable.
  • 1x Connections (12Vdc power supply, cigare-lighter plug, cigare-lighter extension)

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 15 cm

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