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This PROSPRINT Timing System Kit is unique in the world and is the first reaction time device for BMX Racing sport. In more, this timing system gives a time for a sprint of max 30 meters in order to measure your complete acceleration.

This timing system allows any riders to do their sprints with a premium stand & measure your reaction times and/or your sprint times.

Trusted by famous US pro riders such as Olivia Armstrong and Drew Polk, this innovative product will allow riders to go more deeply in their personnal skills and improve /track their explosivity along their racing season.

If you want to read all the advantages of this product, we invite you to check the main page Nik-Nak PROSTAND Sprint Stand talking about the sprint stand itself but also our timing system kits to benefit of all the capacities of this product.

The NIK-NAK PROSTAND product is handcrafted in UK by a passionate of BMX Racing sport and we designed together a reliable, robust and innovative product which will considerably improve the way of training at the highest level of the sport.

Linked with our STBOX5 Bluetooth Device, a battery set, a laser sensor set & the Prostart free mobile App (iOS and Android), the stand reveals all its capabilities.


  • Premium product made in steel with a powder coating (Extremely robust)
  • 4 rubber pads in contact with the ground (The stand does not slide or fell off)
  • Automatic slide up of the stand after a sprint
  • Different height position to adapt the stand from Expert size bike to Cruiser (13/16” difference)

About this PROSPRINT-KIT :

  • Inbuilt sensor on the stand to automatically get a reaction time (if stand connected on Split connector) or start the time (if stand connected on the STBAT battery)
  • Catch and save your times in our free mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • The PROSTART mobile app includes the UCI Random BMX Cadence and the time starts exactly in the same conditions than a BMX Gate. (Except no physical door such as our Portable Gates or Track Safety Gates)
  • Measure your sprint with a max distance of 100′
  • Cardboard with foam packing
  • Nik-Nak PROSTAND with inbuilt sensor and M12 Male connector ready to connect on all Prostart timing systems
  • STBOX5 Bluetooth box (BLE5 giving a wireless range above 30 meters)
  • 12v DC 1,2Ah battery
  • Battery charger
  • 5-meter M12 cable extension
  • 28-meter M12 cable extension
  • Laser sensor Set (2 tripods, 1 laser sensor, 1 reflector)
  • Travel bag

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 25 cm


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